Yesterday the neighbor boy two doors down turned 5, so his parents threw him a little birthday
party—just a small, low-key gathering of friends and family to wish him well.

Ha! Really it was a total blowout, a superhero extravaganza. I must say that the things a few of us neighbors agreed to do for this party would be much too embarrassing for me to mention, if I had any shame left at all. But I don’t, so here’s a picture of three middle-aged Super Neighbors flying down the makeshift zip line across the backyard.


The kids were awed. The babies were terrified. The adults were doubled over with laughter. So it goes.

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5 Responses to SuperDay

  1. Kevin says:

    Which one were you?  That sounds like the greatest birthday present/party ever.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hello there, Batman…
    I think you are Batman, as I recognize the sandals. Sounds like a NYC style party–the ones where it’s less for the kids and more for the party-thrower. Still, I am glad that you had a good time.
    Missing you,

  3. Karl says:

    If I reveal my identity, won’t that seriously compromise my ability to fight crime?

    I guess not. I was Spiderman. And I had a lot more fun than I should have been allowed to have.

    sorry you guessed wrong, but I think there are at least 2.5 million
    other men who wear sandals like the ones on Batman. Keep singing and acting, and
    leave the sleuthing to Scooby and the gang.

  4. KMT says:

    Spiderman stole the show! When you left the backyard to head back into the house a troop of 4 and 5 year-olds came running in trying to hunt down spiderman. Very impressive…

    Thanks for all your help and excellent camerawork by your better half!

    PS- we keep on having this talent agent call the house asking for you. Perhaps a career change is in order?

  5. Aunt Ginny says:

    Peter Parker- Great form on the wire! If the blogosphere ever gets you down, Ringling or Barnum and Bailey may have a place for ya.

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