Hello, my name is Karl Swedberg. You may contact me if you wish. If you just want to know what this site is about, read on.

This site was born in 1998 when I, a high school English teacher at the time, decided to throw together some resources for my students as they worked on research papers and studied for tests. It also contained an intermittently reliable and up-to-date calendar of upcoming assignments and due dates. Intermittently reliable. Did I just coin an oxymoron?

During those glorious teacher summers, I added pages, bit by bit, and played with a number of designs and “features”—nearly all of which have since been abandoned.

Since I left teaching and embarked on my new career as a web developer, I rather ironically found less and less time to devote to this site. The writing and word of the day sections have been dead for some time, and despite my best intentions the photography and main weblog are moribund.

Most of my time in recent years has been spent working on the jQuery Project, writing books and the API documentation, publishing a blog, speaking at conferences, and leading classes. But that’s just what I do in my spare time when I’m not at my day job with Fusionary Media or at home with my family or in town with my friends and neighbors.

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