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Switzerland Tout Le Monde

A little over two months ago, I received a surprising email via the contact form of my Learning jQuery web site. In the email Gwendal Tanguy, an employee at Switzerland’s only online trading and financial services company, asked…


Bible in 90 Days

One of the more interesting projects that I’ve had the privilege of being involved in (albeit in the tiniest of ways) at work was the website we put together for Zondervan, a Christian communications and publishing company. They just published a newly repackaged Bible, The Bible in 90 Days, and wanted an online resource for it…


Web Site Not So Featured

Well, we thought they would talk about the web site on the channel 13 news program tonight, and the report did show a web page for about four seconds, but the focus of the story was on what Priority Health … Continue reading 

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Web Site Featured on TV News

One of the web sites that I helped put together at work is going to be featured on the Channel 13 News (Grand Rapids) HealthBeat segment tonight at 6 o’clock. The report will explain why the site—Priority Health Generic Drugs—is … Continue reading 

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