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Calling All iPhone Users

I finally got my very own iPhone this weekend, and I’m very excited about it. A lot of my geek friends are talking about the Android-based phones now and some are even acting like the iPhones are a bit passé, … Continue reading 


Crickets and Cobwebs

This little blog has been terribly quiet lately, some parts of it more than others…


Staying Up Late

This week I took a break from my usual freelance projects to work on a couple web sites that are a little closer to home–one for my wife and the other for a friend. Because they were both rush jobs, I’ve been getting very little sleep the past few nights. Still, it’s always fun to be able to help out people I love…


Help for the Weary Consumer

I started to write this entry back in January, thinking that these few web sites could be helpful to people. But it has been languishing in draft mode ever since, because I never knew what to say about them. Well, here they are anyway, with a brief description of each:

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Everything Is Fine, Mostly

It’s probably not worth mentioning (how’s that for an opening phrase?), but I managed to fix the broken stuff on the English Rules site within a half hour of sending out the entry with the exaggerated title. So, carry on as usual.
Still, I’m wondering if anyone else gets the same feeling that I do sometimes — that everything in your life that can break is broken…


Everything Is Broken

If you’re trying to look at previous entries on this blog and you’re being thwarted at every turn, it’s because I broke this site tonight while trying to upgrade it. If you’ve managed to find a previous entry, but only one of many comments is being displayed, it’s because I broke that, too. I should have known better than to try to improve things. Anyway, I’ll try to fix the broken stuff as soon as possible…


One Book Out, One in the Hopper

After seven long months of writing, reading, coding, and learning, learning, learning, I finally have something to show for it. Jonathan Chaffer and I just had our first book published…


Writing a Book

After three months of laboring in relative silence, I’m able to explain publicly why the activity on this site has diminished so much. I’m writing a book…


Overzealous Comment Spam Detection

It was recently brought to my attention that some legitimate comments have been captured by my spam trap and held hostage. Unfortunately, because I had never checked the junk-mail bin on my blogging system until this morning, and comments were being summarily executed after having sat in the bin for more than five days, there is no way to know how many innocent comments were killed without a fair trial…


Learning jQuery

Over the past month or so I’ve been having an affair of sorts. No, not THAT kind of affair. I’ve just been splitting my time between English Rules and my new techie blog, Learning jQuery. jQuery is a new JavaScript library that lets programming neophytes like me do cool things on web pages. It’s what has allowed me to dynamically load “noteworthy articles” and my “blogroll” in the Widescreen Bonus section of my web pages. It made my secret, Harry Potteresque, skeleton-key style switcher pretty easy to accomplish. And it helped me slick up the home page of the David LaGrand for State Senate web site with images that fade in and out and big buttons that reveal forms for ordering bumper stickers and yard signs.

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