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Me Myself or I

Time for the English Master to settle another contentious grammar issue, before someone gets hurt. Pat asks:
My friend and I were having a dispute about when to use “me” correctly in a sentence that’s referring to two people. If I were to say something along the lines as, “Is that meat okay for Bob and I/me to eat?” would I use I or me? If I were to eliminate Bob from the sentence, it would be correct to say “Is that meat okay for me to eat?” So why would I change me to I?


Subject Verb Agreement with (N)either (N)or

A student asks the English Master to settle a dispute: Please answer this grammar question for me:
Neither my brother nor my sister ______ ever visited the White House.
a. have
b. has
c. is
d. are
If you answer it please explain why. There is a battle on our school grounds as to what the correct answer is. Thanks for the help.


Showdown – Conjunctive Adverbs versus Coordinating Conjunctions

Kevin writes:
Your semicolon discussions inspired this inquiry. Many of my students use “however” as a conjunction when they are really using it as a signal adverb to begin an independent clause.
Example: My professor is a kind soul at heart, however he is a nasty grader.
I insist that the comma should be a semicolon or period, but I’m overwhelmed with students who use “however” as the equivalent of “but.” I am increasingly seeing this usage in periodicals and among my colleagues as well. Do you think, English Master, that this usage rule is going the way of the split infinitive?

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Verb Tense with Since

Marc wrote in with a question for the English Master: English is not my mother tongue; but I am very interested in improving my English. One of my problems is “Since.” What tense should I use after since? Example: I … Continue reading