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The End

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone who has visited the writing guide here before, but I’d like to make official what has been painfully obvious for too long: this little experiment of a writing guide has come to an end.
It has been nearly 2 1/2 years since I last posted an entry here, and I have neither the time nor the motivation to post another any time soon. My interests, along with my profession, have changed quite a bit in the last five years, and I no longer feel qualified to make any kind of authoritative pronouncement about the English language. The entries will remain available for viewing, but comments will be closed. I’ve enjoyed seeing the discussion that a few of the entries have generated, but I’m afraid that leaving comments open invites the expectation that I will answer the questions of anyone who happens to ask. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to those discussions.
To those looking for help with English grammar, style, and usage, I hope you can find an answer in one of the previously posted entries or on another website.
Best wishes,
Karl Swedberg

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Figures of Speech

Devendra asks, “what are figures of speech. I want the definition and an example of all figures of speech.”


Grammar Books for College Students

A visitor recently asked if I could recommend some good grammar books for college writing. Here are a few of my favorites…

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Pronouncing "the" Definite Article

Two people in the past week have requested information on pronouncing the definite article, “the.” This issue lies outside my area of expertise, so I can’t reply with authority. What I can offer instead is the consensus among the results of a quick Google search, which happens to coincide with what my opera-singing sister-in-law thinks…


non sequitur

A reader asks: The following sentence has been supplied by a client to use in a print project. A) The Application Form a person who wishes to make a claim will use I know it’s wrong and I think I … Continue reading 


ESL Resources

A reader asks the English Master: My mother language is not english, but i want to improve my english communication. I need complete help on english rules and english grammar. please. Although I’m not equipped to answer this large of … Continue reading 

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