1. to pull up by the roots 2. to destroy totally; exterminate 3. to remove by surgery

Someone wrote a techie blog entry a few years ago called X-tirpation. I have no idea what meandering trail led me to that blog tonight, but there I was, looking at a good candidate for word of the day.

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One Response to extirpate

  1. cynthia de boer says:

    AHA! Musical reference! I know this one.
    In Mendelsohn’s Elijah, the prophet calls down fire on his offering to Jehovah, and demands his followers “extirpate the foe”, meaning “wipe out the prophets of Baal” who had challenged Elijah, but failed to ‘fire up’ their offering to the false god.
    Powerful music! I can hear it in my head. Want me to sing it?
    I didn’t think so . . . .
    Love, Mom
    p.s. I bet Pharmor Ginny could sing it with me!

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