various; several; sundry

In his silly book, Stephen Colbert writes about divers (the noun) in a chapter on sports. When I saw the word divers, I immediately thought of the adjective divers, which is pronounced the same as the noun and is not to be confused with diverse, meaning “differing one from another” or “made up of distinct characteristics.”

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2 Responses to divers

  1. Dad says:

    If you travel along the west coast of Florida, you might see people using snorkels, or SCUBA gear, or the huge helmets used by sponge seekers in the Tarpon Springs area – so I guess you’d call this region one of divers divers.

  2. cynthia DeBoer says:

    You know what might be hazardous to those divers divers?
    If they were subject to ticulosis.

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