1. a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry 2. any of the twelve peers of Charlemagne’s court, of whom the count palatine was the chief

My wife read this word in a book and asked me what it meant. I told her I didn’t know. We both looked it up.

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2 Responses to paladin

  1. Dad says:

    “Have Gun, Will Travel”, starring Richard Boone as Paladin, was a popular TV western series in the late 50s and early 60s. Paladin was an educated, sophisticated, chivalrous resident of a San Francisco hotel who would occasionally (like every week) be called upon to redress someone’s grievances for 1000 bucks – and the bad guy would always lose to Paladin’s cleverness, wits, heroism, and six-guns. Now I know why the writers named him Paladin.

  2. Karl says:

    Very cool! I love it when characters have names with some underlying significance.

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