1. a beggar 2. a member of an order of friars forbidden to own property in common, who work or beg for their living

This word appeared in a Washington Post article about Joshua Bell playing the violin in a D.C. Metro station: “But on that Friday in January, Joshua Bell was just another mendicant, competing for the attention of busy people on their way to work.”

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One Response to mendicant

  1. Cynthia De Boer says:

    Isn’t that fascinating, Karl. We saw a tape of Bell in the station on ABC tonight, with people just passing by on their ways to wherever. The report said one woman recognized him, and tossed a twenty into his violin case. Doesn’t it make you wonder if you would have stopped to listen? I like to think I’d have really heard, and recognized, a great talent. But I probably would have been hurrying on, like everyone else.

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