a tax levied on certain goods and commodities produced or sold within a country and on licenses granted for certain activities

I saw this word used in an article about dealing with multiple windows on a computer screen, but I don’t really get how it’s appropriate in that context: “Manipulating windows is pure excise—extra work that stands between the user and completing their task.”

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4 Responses to excise

  1. Cynthia DeBoer says:

    That usage doesn’t seem appropriate to me either, Karl.
    I think the author should excise it from the text.

  2. Cynthia DeBoer says:

    Sniff::: I’m really disappointed this didn’t get at least a guffaw from anyone……

  3. Dad says:

    Let’s face it, Karl – as diplomats, we both blew it.
    guffaw. :-)

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