an uproar; a hubbub

This is the last in my series of silly words. I’ll probably return to silly words later on, but now I have a backlog of words from Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer that I need to get through.

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2 Responses to brouhaha

  1. Dad says:

    I noted with amusement and interest that Wordsmith’s word today is “hullabaloo”, which has essentially the same meaning as “brouhaha”. I guess these words are interchangeable; which one is used depends on which one first comes to mind. For me, if I can’t remember one, I’ll probably remember the other.

  2. Karl says:

    Ha ha! Yeah, I saw that, too. It’s funny because I was trying to decide yesterday which word to use: brouhaha, hullabaloo, or hubbub. I’m not even sure why I chose brouhaha.

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