1. a position on an enemy shoreline captured by troops in advance of an invading force 2. a first achievement that opens the way for further developments; a foothold

I heard this word on NPR the other day and thought it was a nice example of a portmanteau

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3 Responses to beachhead

  1. Dad says:

    My personal word of the day is definitely portmanteau, although I don’t understand how “beachhead” is an example of one.

  2. Karl says:

    Well, that’s because it isn’t an example of one. :) I was wrong. It’s just a lowly compound noun. An example of a portmanteau would be “brunch.”
    Sorry, I must have been out to brunch on this one.

  3. Dad says:

    O.K., so my chain’s been pulled, and you’re a funny guy.

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