1. the art or practice of argumentation or controversy 2. the practice of theological controversy to refute errors of doctrine

This is another word that appears in Bob Dylan’s memoir, Chronicles,: “I was sick fo the way my lyrics had been extrapolated, their meanings subverted into polemics and that I had been anointed as the Big Bubba of Rebellion, High Priest of Protest, the Czar of Dissent, the Duke of Disobedience, Leader of the Freeloaders, Kaiser of Apostasy, Archbishop of Anarchy, the Big Cheese.” Sounds pretty angry, doesn’t he? But “Big Cheese”? Couldn’t he do better than that? That was kind of a letdown after Archbishop of Anarchy.

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2 Responses to polemics

  1. Diane says:

    S’up Karl. I saw a lovely documentary on Dylan — didn’t everyone? — and i felt for the guy. just happy playing his guitar and writing political folksongs, and then WHAM! (was that an 80’s group?) the spotlight for the Big Cheese. Really, though, i thot the films of his press conferences were hilarious. i loved how obstinant and rude he was. is that rude of me?

  2. Dad says:

    Poor Bob. I trust he’s got a good psychiatrist, cause I think he needs one. He seems to be one of those people who seem stuck in immaturity, unable to move on to a more placid and peaceful phase of life.

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