1. supernatural 2. filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence 3. Spiritually elevated; sublime

When I opened one of the kitchen cupboards this evening, I noticed that my wife had bought a package of Newman-O’s, Paul Newman’s version of the Oreo cookie. Hmm, Newman-O’s. Sounds like numinous!

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4 Responses to numinous

  1. tammy says:

    see, this is why i like you – you’re a complete goofball… do newman-o’s taste nearly as good as the oreo?
    ps: like the photo of sara
    pps: please help me… your new webpage look, however, the print is so teeny tiny i can’t read most of it, and i’ve tried adjusting my computer settings to no avail….what should i do? (sorry, i’m trying to get free advice from the computer wizard) it started happening about a month ago, and now it’s getting rather difficult. any advice, most appreciated…..

  2. nicole says:

    Hi Karl!
    Love the new look, dahhhhling! Browns are in this season. Fleck it with some blue-y hues and you’re a virtual Martha Stewart! ~Nicole

  3. Karl says:

    Hey Tammy, The Newman-O’s were, much to my surprise, mint flavored, and they were even better than Oreos. Glad you like the picture and the new look. Sorry to hear about your problems with the font size. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can probably adjust the text size by going to the View menu, choosing Text Size, and then selecting either Larger or Largest. If you’re using Firefox or Safari, hold down the Cmd (Ctrl on Windows) and hit the + key a couple times. Hope that helps.

  4. tammy says:

    thanks for your reply – i actually figured it out before i read your response – unusual, i must say…..but i think the weird thing is that i don’t know why it happens. i must be hitting some key or combination of them and changing things that i don’t mean to……anyway, you’re sweet to help me….thanks much…..i know, i’m a computer idiot….
    and BETTER than an oreo? well, get me to the market right now! yummy yum yum…..

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