an inflammation followed by itchy irritation on the hands, feet, or ears, resulting from exposure to moist cold

From The Portrait: “I told you often about getting up at five every morning in the icy Gorbals lodgings I stayed in, going to work with a slice of dried porridge in my pocket for my lunch; of working with chilblains on my fingers in winter, of never seeing daylight for six months of the year.”

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  1. Cynthia/Mom says:

    Hey Karl – cool word today! For years I’d seen it in older novels – – perhaps describing a condition suffered by a poor but honest character suffering harsh conditions – – but I truly never could have given a description or synonym! Now that I know the accurate meaning, I can’t tell you what I must have thought it meant…. What comes to mind is “chitlins” – – which I hardly think any character in any novel would willingly wear on his or her fingers for six months….

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