1. one who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions 2. one who destroys sacred religious images

Another entry for the religious theme. When I learned that this word originally had to do with people who smashed religious icons, it helped paint a vivid picture in my mind, which always helps memory. For me, at least.

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2 Responses to iconoclast

  1. robstan2002 says:

    you have chosen an interesting list of words to define, I love it.
    OOPS..my email to you about your music bounced..*SIGH* @least your site is active still..
    ICONOCLASTIC- One whose ideas and attitude make you want to throttle them, but, you don’t because they do give you pause at times to think.
    take care..
    p.s. loved your tunes

  2. Thanks a lot for the note, Robert. I’m glad you like the site—and the tunes. Thanks, also, for pointing out the problem with the email address on the music page. I’ll fix that right away.
    Love your alternative definition of iconoclast!

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