1. of or characteristic of the countryside or its people; rustic 2. of or characteristic of shepherds or flocks

Here’s another word about the rural life.

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2 Responses to bucolic

  1. Diane says:

    as someone who grew up snuggled up next to the wyeths’ and amish countryside, i am unduly fond of the word ‘bucolic.’ strange, given that the word itself has about as nice a ring to it as the word ‘vomit.’ derivation, oh great english man?

  2. Karl says:

    Hey Diane, bucolic comes from the Greek word boukolikos meaning “rustic.” And boukolikos comes from two Greek words, bous meaning “cow” and kolos meaning “tending.” So, in other words, a cowherd. Bucolic is also related to the Latin word colere, which means “to till (the ground), cultivate, dwell, inhabit.”

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