A babbling, foolish person

This is my favorite word from Mark Twain’s short story “The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg.”

The Tanner: “And so, if the Chair will examine the test-remark in the sack, we shall know which of these two frauds–[The Chair. “Order!”]–which of these two adventurers–[The Chair. “Order! order!”]–which of these two gentlemen–[laughter and applause]–is entitled to wear the belt as being the first dishonest blatherskite ever bred in this town–which he has dishonoured, and which will be a sultry place for him from now out!”

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One Response to blatherskite

  1. Andrea says:

    Did you ever watch Ducktales? The bean counter Fenton Crackshell turned into the superhero Gizmo Duck by yelling “blabbering blatherskite!” That used to be my favorite show when i was little :)

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