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Beth’s hair

This is the back of Beth’s head. I was photographing her wedding, as you can probably tell by the fancy stuff in her hair.

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Beth Fixing Dress

I snapped this candid shot of Beth as she was trying to straighten out her wedding dress.

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Beth Relaxing

Beth sits down and relaxes while the photographer sets up the next shot.

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Bride Looks at Lake

The bride and her bridesmaids look out at Lake Michigan before the wedding starts.

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Reception Lights

Christmas lights were strung throughout the reception hall for a warm, glowing ambience.

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Do the Hokey Pokey

The bride and groom are doing the hokey pokey during their wedding reception.

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Couple in Car

The bride and groom get snug in the back seat of the car for the ride from the church where they were just married to the reception.

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Emily’s Hands

Emily’s hands, and her purse, on her wedding day.

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Rena and Tim 2

Half-posed, half-candid shot of the bride and groom.

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Rena and Tim 1

The bride and groom pose for the camera

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