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Right Turn Only

The sign says it all. Downtown Grand Rapids, next to the construction site where the new art museum is being built.

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Closed for the Season

The steps down to the riverside walk are closed for the season, but the river itself is not.

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Steam Pool

A little pool generates steam in Rosa Parks Circle, downtown Grand Rapids.

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Fenced In

The old Hong Kong Inn building was demolished to make way for the new art museum.

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Festival Chairs

Rows of chairs were arranged in Calder Plaza, downtown Grand Rapids, for the 2004 Festival of the Arts.

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Grand Rapids Calder – 2

Another shot of the downtown Grand Rapids public artwork by Alexander Calder. I heard on the radio the other day that it was the first piece of public art that was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Grand Rapids Calder

This is part of the big Alexander Calder sculpture that has become a symbol of downtown Grand Rapids.

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One more from the lunch-time walk series.

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From another lunch-time walk through downtown Grand Rapids. I liked the look of the curled wires all in a row.

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Lampposts on Monroe

Lampposts on the Monroe Mall mingle with the new spring foliage.