Lampposts on Monroe

Lampposts on Monroe

Lampposts on the Monroe Mall mingle with the new spring foliage.

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4 Responses to Lampposts on Monroe

  1. Dad says:

    Are you taking bids on this? Is it framed?

  2. Karl says:

    It’s not framed, but I sell all my work on a sliding scale based on the customer’s ability to pay. According to my complex formula [(a² * j) / v³ – 42], you may purchase the Lamppost picture for $1.50.

  3. Aunt Ginny says:

    Does that complex formula yield the price for old aunties too? The image grabbed me from the home page. It kind of reminds me of my Hidden Arithmetic drawings with the varied and repeated verticals. Excellent, with the intermitent trees and the verticals up the side of the Grand Plaza. Wow!! Isn’t it neat to have time to do your own work and think your own thoughts! I’m impressed with your recent downtown series. I’m glad you have some time to get back into your photography.

  4. Dad says:


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