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Outdoor Sculpture

The Meijer Public Gardens, where I took this picture, is a beautiful place.


Rusted Steamshovel Sculpture

This sculpture sits outside the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Latte Art – Heart

The heart is like the Suzuki Violin Book 1 of latte art.

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Latte Art – Flower

This is a little design in the latte I made for my wife the other day.

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Candy Bowl

This is one of the many beautiful bowls of candy at the reception for Scott and Erin’s wedding in the Grand Rapids Art Museum

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After the wedding, they brought fireworks down to the beach and put on a display.

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Camera Lens Filter

silly shot of a UV Filter for my camera lens.

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Coffee – Green and Roasted

Ben holds two sets of coffee in his hands — green, pre-roasted beans in his right hand and brown beans just after roasting in his left.

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Coffee Roasting Apparatus

Here is the coffee roasting equipment in its native habitat — my garage.

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Popcorn Popper Coffee Roaster

Here is the infamous West Bend Poppery II that I use for roasting coffee, with its melted top and all. The little specks on the popper are the little flakes of chaff that float out of the popping cylinder while the coffee is roasting.

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