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Gull at Muir Beach

A sea gull flies over the ocean at the lovely Muir Beach, northwest of San Francisco.


Church at Nicasio

This little church stands in the tiny town of Nicasio. Andy and I arrived there after driving through Lucas Valley, which, coincidentally, is where George Lucas has his “Skywalker Ranch.”


Tree on the Hill

I’ve always been a fool for the lonely tree on the hill picture.

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Fence along the Hillside

One afternoon Sara and I made the mistake of taking the kids for a hike up a hill so we could have a picnic at the top. The view was beautiful, but the kids’ whining was not.

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Sea Lions

The sea lions at Pier 39 were a delight to watch. Ben and Lucy got a real kick out of them.

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I couldn’t believe how many people were walking along the streets of chinatown, as if nobody there had jobs, although nobody looked particulary unemployed. Very fun to see.

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Fawn in Muir Woods

This fawn paid no attention to the people on the trail—even the kids, whose sotto voce was the loudest I’ve ever heard.

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Some of the smaller plants along the forest floor were just as impressive to me as the towering redwood trees above.


Banana Slug

Sara spotted this little critter on our walk through Muir Woods.

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We took a nice little walk through the kid-accessible parts of Muir Woods. Ben wanted his picture taken next to every stump and fallen log. Of course I obliged.

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