Lucy at the Beach

Lucy at the beach last April, doing some kind of odd pose with her arm.

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Ben at the Beach

This photo is a little old, taken last April when winter was just breaking and we had to get outside.

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This is our bilingual friend Olivier. He likes trains.

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Etienne visited us over Labor Day weekend with his family. We were delighted to have them.

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Alma and her family visit us almost every July. It is such a treat!

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His name really is Earl. And he’s a really cool kid.

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Sunflowers and Bubbles

There’s just no getting around the cheesy title. If I saw a poem with this title, I’d probably puke. Oh well.

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HDR Flowers

This is my first attempt at creating a high-dynamic-range picture using five separate photos and Adobe Photoshop. It’s more of an experiment than anything else. For more on HDR photography, check out this New York Times article.

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Spider on Finger

Ben found a neon green spider in the back yard the other day, so I ran and grabbed my camera to preserve the moment.

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Ben and Lucy by a Fence

Ben and Lucy stand in front of a fence, next door to Sara’s parents’ place in Tampa.

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