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Stick in Pond

I liked the reflection of the stick in the pond and the reflection of the sky, too.

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Feather on the Algae

The pond was rimmed with a bright green algae. A little white feather sat atop it.

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Tiny Flowers

I couldn’t believe all of the beautiful variety I found once I started looking closely along the edge of the pond.

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Flower Among the Brambles

The lone purple flower added a dash of color to the twisted and gnarly branches.


Dead Flower

This little dead flower really appealed to me in some odd way.


Another View of Pond in Fall

Here is the same pond on the Calvin College campus from another point of view.

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Pond in Fall

A pond on the Calvin College campus when the leaves are changing color.

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Sea Lion

Now I can’t remember if this is a sea lion or a seal, or what the difference is between the two. So much for my education at the Brookfield Zoo.



A leopard at the Brookfield Zoo.

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A lion at the Brookfield Zoo. All the animals were out and roaming around on Sunday morning, when they should have been at church.

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