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Praying Mantis

Ben found a praying mantis in the front yard yesterday.


Garage Spider

This summer has been an especially productive one for spiders in our backyard. The spider in this picture was spinning a web in our garage, between a trash can and an extension ladder hanging up on the wall.


Sunflowers and Bubbles

There’s just no getting around the cheesy title. If I saw a poem with this title, I’d probably puke. Oh well.

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HDR Flowers

This is my first attempt at creating a high-dynamic-range picture using five separate photos and Adobe Photoshop. It’s more of an experiment than anything else. For more on HDR photography, check out this New York Times article.

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Spider on Finger

Ben found a neon green spider in the back yard the other day, so I ran and grabbed my camera to preserve the moment.


Two Tulips

These tulips were late bloomers, but it was nice to have them around after all of the others around the neighborhood had withered away.

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Peach Tulip

Sara ordered ivory tulips, but they came up peach instead. Nevertheless, we were thrilled to see them this spring. It’s the first time we planted bulbs, and much to our astonishment, they actually bloomed.

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The butterfly exhibit hadn’t officially started yet when we saw it last weekend at Meijer Gardens, but there were still quite a few flying about. Also, the air was nice and warm and moist, perfect for relief from the winter snuffies.

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Sunlight on Flower

I liked the way the light was streaming in through the window and cutting a path diagonally through this flower.

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Ben and Lucy were zipping through the indoor plants last week at Meijer Gardens, so this is one of only a few pictures I managed to take.

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