Ben and Lucy on the Bed

Ben and Lucy on the Bed

Ben and Lucy standing on Ben’s bed on a Saturday morning.

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2 Responses to Ben and Lucy on the Bed

  1. nicole says:

    Oh, Karl…
    I simply love hopping over to your little corner of the web and being surprised with new pics of Benjamin and Lucia~!! Ben must have grown a full 2 inches since last I saw him, and I am quite pleased to discover that Lucy has yet to grow out of her “I simply MUST wear a bathing suit at all times” phase!
    Please hug these 2 lovely, delicious creatures for me. I miss you all so much…
    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Dylan says:

    Ben and Lucy no jumping on the bed! Dylan
    Don’t worry about lucy in a bathing suit. At least SHE wears clothes! (Unlike her constantly naked cousin!)

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