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Lucy with Sparkler

Lucy was very brave to hold a sparkler on the 4th of July. That’s Kevin in the background, watching approvingly. Hi, Kevin!

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Ben with Sparkler

What can I say? Every kid loves a sparkler.

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Lucy and Ben Hold Hands at the Beach

Okay, I admit it! I asked them to hold hands right before I took this picture. But it was too cute, in a Hallmark™ sort of way, to pass up.

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Lucy and Ben Drop Sand

My kids were really enjoying dropping sand on the beach. Ah, the simple pleasures of life!

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Lucy at the Beach

Lucy at the beach last April, doing some kind of odd pose with her arm.

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Ben at the Beach

This photo is a little old, taken last April when winter was just breaking and we had to get outside.

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Ben and Lucy by a Fence

Ben and Lucy stand in front of a fence, next door to Sara’s parents’ place in Tampa.


Lucy Behind the Tulips

Lucy crouches behind the tulips, pulling them together so that they can both fit in the picture.

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Lucy with the Tulips

Lucy poses for a picture among the tulips.

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Lucy with Yellow Pepper and Broken Finger

Lucy sports a broken middle finger while she eats a yellow pepper—one of two or three fruits and vegetables that she’ll actually agree to swallow.

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