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Home Improvements

Since I finally started chipping away at my list of things left undone, I thought I’d take a look at some other ways to spruce up the house a bit.
My wife had heard about magnetic paint a while ago, but she couldn’t find it at any of the hardware stores she tried–even the big boxes…


More Links to More Things

Here’s the latest installment of links for your viewing pleasure. Just so you know, all links go to 100% genuine things. I don’t peddle that artificial stuff…


Links to Good Things

Nendo Drawer House: You really have to see this one to believe it. Everything from kitchen to bedroom, living room to stairs is hidden from view until you “open” the drawers that line the walls. Designed by a Japanese architecture and design firm.
10×10: “An interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time. Every hour, 10×10 collects the 100 words and pictures that matter most on a global scale, and presents them as a single image, taken to encapsulate that moment in time.”
Google Maps: Here’s yet another cool new Google tool, one I’ll be using from now on instead of MapQuest…
Timbuk2: Very cool bags
All Songs Considered: This is one of my not-so-secret sources of great new music. Each week, All Songs Considered features an eclectic group of musicians from different style and different countries…
MasterViews: The site says it has the “Best resources, ideas and tools for creating, managing and delivering effective PowerPoint presentations,” and it might be true.


22 Ways to Lace a Shoe

While some people are fed up with shoelaces ( altogether, at least one man, Ian Fieggen, is enamored with them.
Mr. Fieggen has dedicated a website to shoelaces, a site that includes 22 lacing methods. It may seem a bit daffy, but you have to admire the guy’s passion. He’s even meticulous enough to make sure everyone can share the love…


MSN Encourages the Scenic Route

A friend at work showed me this map that MSN generated based on a request for directions from one city in Norway to another. MSN has him going from Haugesund (Rogaland, Norway) to England on a ferry, down to London and across to Dover, through the “chunnel,” out into France and up to Belgium, into The Netherlands and across to Germany, then over to Denmark and Sweden, before he returns to his originating country and arrives in Trondheim, Sr-Trndelag, Norway…

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Guess the Dictator and/or Sit-Com Character

Here’s a funny, bizarre little game you can play online: Guess the Dictator and/or Sitcom Character:


Clean Well-Lighted Online Shops

I love as much as the next surfaholic, but sometimes the clutter and the noise and the enormous number of choices can seem overwhelming. That’s when I like to turn to simpler shops on the web, sites that offer fewer items but more compelling options, sites with elegant design and beautiful presentation. It hardly matters that most of the products they sell are way out of my price range. I just like to look at the sites for their visual appeal. Call it online window shopping, if you will…


Thanksgiving Snow

The first snow of the season fell just in time for Thanksgiving this year. Holland, Michigan, as you can see in the picture below, got about 10 inches, while Grand Rapids seemed to get a little less.


Douglas Day

Scanning through the New York Times Books section, I came across an article about the death of one of my grad school professors, Douglas Day…



A couple people at work tipped me off to a new product that CostCo is selling through its web site: caskets. Priced from $924.99 to $4,699.99, these caskets come in a variety of styles. The names are a little disconcerting…