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Budding Artist

Ever since Ben attended the neighborhood Art Camp run by Ms. “Superwoman” Peri, he has become addicted to drawing. His implement of choice is a set of washable markers, which is a huge relief to his parents, because Ben isn’t just drawing on paper. No, drawing on paper would be too sensible. Instead, he’s been creating designs on his legs, and his face, and the bedsheets, and the shades, and the carpet, and the walls–basically, anything that isn’t moving…


What That’s Called

Sara had just sat down with Ben and Lucy. The wedding was about to begin–an informal yet elegant evening ceremony on the beach of Lake Michigan. Ben leaned a bit closer to Sara and pointed out toward the horizon…


The Best Part of the Trip

The family took a trip down to Chicago this past weekend to celebrate nephew Michael’s high school graduation. We had a terrific time seeing family, catching up, eating good food, looking at Michael’s stellar photographs, doing the family thing. On Sunday we went to the Brookfield Zoo, which is probably the nicest one I’ve ever seen (I’ve never been to the San Diego Zoo, which I hear is spectacular)…


Back from San Francisco

If you were wondering why things have been quiet on the blog for the past week or so, it’s because I was on vacation with my family in San Francisco. A great time was had by all. Thanks to our hosts, Andy and Pamela and Shoshana and Isaac, for a wonderful time…


Three Short Short Stories

Yesterday my son, Ben, asked if I would write down some stories in his little book as he told them to me. Here are the three that he came up with–in their raw, unedited form. I think you’ll notice his literary influences right away…


Art Debut

A young artist has just burst onto the scene with this stunning work of mixed media. The sophisticated blending of natural elements with manufactured confections is suggestive of early Marcel Duchamp, while the STYROFOAM™ base clearly represents a breaking away from 1990s neo-expressionism.


Ben on Death

My son Ben has reached the age (four years old) at which many children become aware of death and try to come to terms with it in one way or another. For me, death was a major source of anxiety at that age, so I’ve been especially careful about how I respond to his inquiries, hoping that he may be able to avoid pricey therapist bills in the future if I say the right things now. We’ve talked about death already, and the whole family recently attended the funeral of a dear uncle, so I wasn’t completely caught off guard when Ben broached the subject again over breakfast this morning. But I was a little surprised by his conclusion


A Tribute

Today is the birthday of my father, Paul D. Swedberg. If he were alive, he would be 78 years old. A hard-working, generous man, my dad would snow-blow the sidewalks of everybody on the block and lend his tools as … Continue reading 


Fun in the Snow

The kids (and Andrew) had a blast on the hill behind Andrew’s house on Boxing Day. Here are a few pictures of the fun:


Christmas According to Kids

Just when the Christmas season started to feel like a burden rather than the joy that it should be, my kids came along and restored a sense of wonder in me. Here are a few highlights from this season…