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Invisible Friends

Last night Ben said he was playing with his invisible friend. When Sara asked what his friend’s name was, Ben said, “Pathetic.” …


Kids Make Art

Here we go again with the proud father routine. I can’t help being fascinated by the art that my kids create. It’s such a clear indicator of their development that I look in awe as their little drawings and paintings and sculptures become more mature and sophisticated as they get older. Somewhere along the way, they’ll probably stop creating visual art, just as 99 percent of current adults have done. But for now I’ll revel in these manifestations or their imaginations…

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Months of Magical Reading

A few months ago, I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to my son, Ben. When we finished, I thought that we could go back to smaller, more manageable books. But Ben was adamant: “Daddy, let’s read the next one.” So we did…


She Mix?

Sara and the kids took the bus downtown with me on my Friday morning commute, just for fun. The kids had a fun time riding in a moving vehicle without seatbelts, and Sara enjoyed meeting the few other regular commuters with whom I share the ride and shoot the breeze each weekday morning. All in all, it was a pleasant little trip for the family.
On the ride back home later that morning, Sara and the kids sat all the way in the back of the bus, where a young African-American man wearing baggy shorts and a hooded sweatshirt (in 90-degree weather) struck up a conversation with Sara, asking about…


Sara’s Handwriting Revisited

Last December I wrote about turning Sara’s handwriting into a font for a little Christmas present, and after receiving a number of requests for it, I made it available for download.
Well, it turns out that some people have had some problems getting it onto their machines, so perhaps instructions are in order…


I Don’t Mean To Be Critical

On Sunday we spent the afternoon with two of my former students and current friends, Kevin and Christina. It’s always fun to watch our kids interacting with adults, and this time was no different. After lunch, Ben took Christina up to his room to show her his latest Lego creation. He was explaining to her some of the finer points of building cranes, when he paused and looked at her with a very serious look on his face…


A Few Things I’ve Learned from Ben

Like all proud parents, I love watching as my kids develop into curious, independent creatures. It’s pretty clear to me that the bromide about kids being sponges became a cliche for a good reason.
Recently Ben has been learning more and more from others–pre-school teachers, neighbors, friends–and eagerly bringing home his newly discovered information.


Quick Update – Ben Is Doing Fine

Thanks to everyone who has offered thoughts and prayers during Ben’s surgery today. Everything went well…


Ben’s T & A Journey

On Monday Ben goes in for a little surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and a new set of ear tubes inserted. He’s excited about all of the popsicles and juice boxes he’ll be allowed to have afterwards, but I don’t think he’s quite understanding the pain that he’ll be experiencing. And I’m glad for that, since knowing will only compound the problem by adding a few days of emotional anguish in front of the week or more of physical suffering…


Sara’s Handwriting

I’ve always loved my wife’s handwriting–and not just for sentimental reasons. It has a fun and sassy kind of look to it that is clearly distinguishable as hers. Ever since I learned about font creation software a few years ago, I’ve been determined to turn Sara’s handwriting into a font of her own. Unfortunately, I never got around to doing it. Anyway, the software programs require more patience than I have and most are too expensive.
But a few days ago I discovered a really cool website…