Calling All iPhone Users

I finally got my very own iPhone this weekend, and I’m very excited about it.

A lot of my geek friends are talking about the Android-based phones now and some are even acting like the iPhones are a bit passé, but I don’t care. This thing is slick. It sure beats the pants off of my old Motorola. The extent of that crummy old thing’s “smart phone” capability was some “web browsing” feature that I’d have to pay a buck for every once in a while when my thumb would land a centimeter away from its intended target.

My wife thinks I’m an early adopter, but in this case at least, I’m much closer to the long tail than the bleeding edge. I’ve been trying to figure out which apps to get, but I must admit I’m a little lost. I need your help! Here is what I have so far:

  • News Apps: New York Times, BBC, and NPR
  • Reference: IMDb, Wikipedia Mobile, YellowPages
  • Google Apps
  • SimpleNote
  • TweetDeck
  • InstaPaper
  • Dropbox
  • 1Password
  • Pandora
  • Skype

So, tell me: What am I missing? Which apps are your “must haves”? Which ones do you use all the time?

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