Music I Like: Josh Rouse

For the past couple years I’ve been meaning to write a roundup of music that I’ve been listening to and particularly enjoy, but as is painfully clear, I never got around to it. So, instead of coming up with a huge list, I thought I’d post little bite-size morsels.

The first musician in my series of “Music I Like” is Josh Rouse. I’ve never met a Josh Rouse album that I didn’t like, but my favorites are “Nashville” and “Subtitulo.” He’s an amazing songwriter with a smooth voice and pop hooks that are extraordinary for how close they come to being cheesy without crossing that line.

Here are the Josh Rouse albums I listen to regularly, in rough order of preference:

Nashville Subtitulo
Dressed Up Like Nebraska Country Mouse City House Home

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5 Responses to Music I Like: Josh Rouse

  1. Michael Van Houten says:

    Oh man, Karl…how did I not know you were a Josh Rouse fan? I LOVE him. Nashville is one of my top 20 albums of all time and “Street Lights” is one of my top 10 songs of all time.

  2. MichaelVanHouten says:

    By the way, since you like Mr. Rouse, I highly highly highly recommend David Mead. Fantastic singer/songwriter with a pop-ish bent. His new album is Almost and Always and it’s the perfect music as spring wriggles its way out of winter.

  3. Hey Michael! Thanks so much for the David Mead recommendation. I’m definitely going to check him out.

  4. Drew MacD says:

    I concur with Michael’s David Mead recommendation. Speaking of Nashville, David Mead used to be a part of a phenomenal and sadly underappreciated Nashville band called Joe, Marc’s brother. Strange name (Marc actually plays in the band with Joe, his brother) but great music.I saw them perform in Nashville in ’02 and was astounded by the talent and charisma of their lead singer, Joe Pisapia. Think strong songwriting, intricate harmonies, and a great singer. Sadly, Mr. Pisapia left the band a few years ago to play in the boring, but commercially successful band Guster. Check out his music.

  5. Michael Van Houten says:

    By the way, Karl…maybe you’ve seen this already, but check out this funny new Josh Rouse “trailer”:

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