Crickets and Cobwebs

This little blog has been terribly quiet lately, some parts of it more than others. The writing guide section has been the most neglected, not having seen a new entry in two and a half years. A few of the entries have been fairly active with comments—some related to the entries, some not—but I haven’t had any time to respond to the comments or answer questions or do anything else with it. So I shut it down. The entries are still available, but I’m not going to write any more and I’m no longer allowing comments from others.

I’m still debating whether to shut down the word of the day officially or to keep it going with a random new word from time to time as guilt overtakes me.

The site as a whole feels like an old jalopy to me now. Most of it is running on an old, outdated version of a blog publishing platform that hasn’t kept up with the times. I’ll probably update the software within the next month or two, rather than switch to a snazzier new engine, because I’m afraid I’d lose most of what’s already here. Regardless, things will break, even if I stick with the same software and just do a version upgrade. Things always break. Once I have the infrastructure in place, I’ll start thinking about a new design. I’d like to say that I’ll start posting entries more regularly, too, but I don’t want to set unreasonable goals for myself.

In Other News

Learning jQuery 1.3 book cover

Lately, when I’m not contemplating the sorry state of this blog, I’m usually immersed in web development work of one form or another, much to the chagrin of my non-technical Facebook Friends who have suffered the onslaught of my esoteric Twitter posts, which are then automatically posted to my Facebook status, where they are invariably mocked, but all in good fun, I’m sure. My buddy Jonathan and I just had the second edition of our book published. The publisher gave it a new title, just to confuse people. It’s now called Learning jQuery 1.3. Overall, I’m very pleased with the way it turned out, and I’m quite relieved by the first few reviews of it on, which seem just as complimentary as those of the first book. In May I’ll be conducting a three-day training workshop on jQuery, which should be fun and stressful.

So much for getting a good night’s sleep tonight. If I had a brain, I would have stopped this nonsense hours ago. But I knew if I didn’t finish this and post it tonight, it would probably sit in draft mode for another couple months (like the seven or eight other entries I’ve started but haven’t finished). Good night.

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2 Responses to Crickets and Cobwebs

  1. nicole says:

    Oh Karl! It’s nice to hear your voice again. Where will the 3 day jQuery conference be?

    We love you (and your esoteric Twitters!)

    The Cornells

  2. Twitter and facebook are cool to use. I am a bigger fan of facebook than Twitter, even though they are practically the same thing now. Oh well, I just enjoy status updates! So my family and I created a application just for this very purpose. It’s called Status King. It has the funniest status updates of all time. For anyone who enjoys to have a laugh and Tweet or do status updates will enjoy Status King!

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