Staying Up Late

This week I took a break from my usual freelance projects to work on a couple web sites that are a little closer to home—one for my wife and the other for a friend. Because they were both rush jobs, I’ve been getting very little sleep the past few nights. Still, it’s always fun to be able to help out people I love.


Sara has been actively involved in a task force for the school association that runs our kids’ elementary school. The school system is looking for ways to cut costs as enrollment has declined and debt has increased in recent years. One of the options being considered is to “consolidate” the elementary schools, shutting down all but two of them. However, a number of parents, alumni, and friends of the schools have serious concerns about this option. Sara and others have formed a group called “Friends of Christian Urban Schools” in the hopes that they can collectively persuade the administration to consider other courses of action. In particular, they’re encouraging people to sign an online petition to keep Oakdale Christian Elementary School, our kids’ school, open.

And that’s where I come in. Sara asked me to quickly put together a web site with a copy of the petition so that people can add their names to show their support. The site will soon have more information, but for now, you can check out the petition, and add your name if you wish: FOCUS: Friends of Christian Urban Schools.

Scooter Girl

A lot has changed in Nicole Tieri’s life since she was seen in the opening rounds of American Idol a few years ago. After acting in a musical theater production, she moved back to New York City (where she had attended college), got married, and is expecting her first child in June. She also recorded an album that is soon to be released. She’ll be performing three of the songs from the album early next week at a conference for the National Eating Disorders Association, so she asked me to whip up a couple web pages for people who want more information about her and the new album. Although it’s still in a bit of a rough, early state, you can take a look at it here: Nicole Tieri.

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4 Responses to Staying Up Late

  1. Dad says:

    Nice job on the FOCUS site, Karl. One suggestion: after adding a name to the petition, there’s a “thank you….” window that opens, but it timed out before I could read it. Can you stretch that out a few more seconds? Or am I just a very slow reader?

  2. Karl says:

    Thanks a lot for the feedback! I’m glad you like it. I increased the “thank you” message time from 5 seconds to 9 seconds. I hope that helps people finish reading it.

  3. nicole says:

    I’m flattered to be mentioned on ENGLISHRULES—now I know I’ve really made it! Thanks for being great at what you do and a great friend to boot.

  4. Diane says:

    Hey Karl & SARA,
    It’s so admirable how involved you are in helping your community. The school seems wonderful and unique and worthy of the effort.
    And, it was fun to watch the You Tube links of Nicole.
    Best wishes, D.

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