Sara Is Dining with Squirrels

Last year I bought a little gift for my wife, Sara: a domain name and free web development services. Two days ago she used it for the first time, writing about the kids going off to school in her brand-new blog, Dining with Squirrels. It was well worth the wait.

Sara has the enviable gift of being able to write with the effortless grace of a figure skater. There is nothing forced, nothing strained in her prose. I could read it for hours without growing tired. And that’s not just because she’s my wife.

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2 Responses to Sara Is Dining with Squirrels

  1. Josh says:

    That is very cool. I have just started to feel a bit of those emotions as Mia started preschool last week.
    Just curious why you chose WordPress for her over your preference of Movable Type?

  2. Karl says:

    Hey Josh, thanks for reading.
    I chose WordPress because I wanted to get something up there quickly for her, and my web host (Dreamhost) has WordPress as a one-click install. I’m not married to either Movable Type or WordPress. (I am married to Sara, though.) It’s good to keep my “skillz” fresh with both platforms.

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