What the Kids Have Been Saying

Since none of my own words are worthy of blogging these days, I thought I’d at least give you an idea of what Ben and Lucy have been saying. They’re a lot more entertaining than I am, that’s for sure.

A couple weeks ago Ben explained to his mom why he likes to watch Pokémon:

Mom, do you know why I like Pokemon so much? Because it has so much violence in it. I really like violence.

And why he doesn’t like Barney:

Barney, unlike the Wiggles, is a foul git.

After playing a computer game called Nanosaur with me and Ben, Lucy had this idea, based on the game:

I think for my birthday I’d like to have a “burst of speed” party.

She also offered reassuring words to me one day while we were doing a little craft together:

Daddy, you did a fine job with your first snowflake!

Wanting to be able to gloat to Lucy about his experience without having to suffer the consequences, Ben devised a plan:

Ben: I’m going to tell Lucy I went to McDonalds for lunch.
Mom: Oh, Ben, don’t. Let’s not make her feel bad.
Ben: It’s okay. I’m going to tell her I had a horrible time.

Over the weekend, Ben’s fourth baby tooth fell out. Apparently, I was more excited about it than he was:

Me: Ben! You lost another tooth! How cool!
Ben: Oh no! Now everybody is going to worship me. I don’t want everybody to worship me!

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