The Best Birthday Present Ever

It’s my birthday today. I’m 40 years old. And I feel surprisingly young. When I got home from work this evening, Sara presented me with the best birthday present I’ve ever received — a stack of emails from friends in response to one that she had written to them. Here is what Sara wrote:

Karl turns FORTY next week and I was wondering if you might help me celebrate him, if you’ll pardon the expression. If you have time, would you mind emailing me a few kind words that I could share with him on the 20th? I was thinking you might share your earliest memory of him, or your fondest memory, or maybe just one of the things you like most about him. I myself can think of several! :)

Thanks all. I really appreciate it.

In case you missed the smoking-gun evidence, I have the coolest wife in the world.

So, Sara read a few of the email responses to me before dinner, and I’m about to read a few more. I’m trying to savor them, even though it feels a bit like reading about some vaguely familiar person whose name I can’t quite remember (my difficulty with accepting praise is something my therapist insists I overcome).

My deepest and most heartfelt thanks go out to all my kind, sweet, loving friends and family members who responded to Sara’s request. The many wonderful people in my life are perhaps the most tangible evidence of God’s presence in my life. Thank you all for blessing my life with your love and friendship.

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