My Week to Geek

This week I’m at a conference in Boston called The Ajax Experience. No, it’s not four days of learning how to use cleaning products. It’s all about technologies that allow for cool user interactions with content on web pages (see more on Wikipedia, if you’re interested). I’m here as part of the fairly large jQuery contingent.

So far it has been a lot of fun meeting many people whom I have only known online for the past year or so. A bunch of the people who have worked on or with jQuery went out to dinner last night at a local bar and grill. We had a good time debating about arcane topics and sharing anecdotes about our wacky misadventures with various technologies.

jQuery Crew at The Ajax Experience
high-res version (754 KB)

The conference presentations have been pretty good, for the most part. My favorites so far have been the ones led by jQuery creator (and cult leader) John Resig. I’m looking forward to “Learning to Love Forms” tonight and getting to know more about JSON tomorrow.

Here is a photo of the Boston skyline from the bridge connecting our hotel to the conference center:

jQuery Crew at The Ajax Experience

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5 Responses to My Week to Geek

  1. Andrew DeBoer says:

    So did you all converse exclusively in Klingon? We know you debated it, so who came out the clear favorite – Capt. Kirk or Picard? Any shoving matches over competing technologies?

  2. Sara DeBoer says:

    Is that you skulking behind John Resig? Did you touch the hem of his garment? And which one is Ray Bango? I love you K.

  3. dean says:

    Are you in this picture? I can see every one else pretty good. It took my eyes to focus in on the picture before I saw you. I guess I need glasses. You must be having a great time with the computer geeks. Just remember to stay out of trouble. Don’t get drunk and go streaking down the streets.

  4. Sound like fun, Karl…I’m jealous. I’ve just started getting into JSON for the chat engine I’m building. Maybe when you get back you can show me some stuff from your new tote (in the spirit of conference lingo) of tricks.

  5. Karl says:

    Yes, that’s me behind John Resig. :-) Dean, I’m the one second to the right, poking my head up from the back.

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