Invisible Friends

Last night Ben said he was playing with his invisible friend. When Sara asked what his friend’s name was, Ben said, “Pathetic.”

Tonight at dinner neither Sara nor I would play “the quiet game” with Ben, so he said he would just have to play it with his invisible friend. “What is your friend’s name this time, Ben?” Sara asked.

Ben answered, “Tonight his name is Stupid.”

Sounds to me like Ben is running with the wrong crowd.

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10 Responses to Invisible Friends

  1. nicole says:

    Could the interest in the invisible friend be do to Soren Laurenson of Charlie and Lola fame?! Pathetic and Stupid are at least better names than the body part one of my babysitting charges chose for her imaginary friend…
    Love and Kisses,

  2. Karl says:

    Hey Nicole,
    No, I don’t think so. Ben doesn’t read those books. They’re more Lucy’s bag.

  3. cynthia DeBoer says:

    Glad you wrote this down and shared it – I’ve been waiting for a funny from Ben!

  4. Tracy says:

    Oh that sweet Ben… What I wouldn’t do for one of his hugs! Sounds like Stupid and Pathetic need one too!

  5. Ben's Mom says:

    I’m waiting for any psychologists out there — armchair or otherwise — to weigh in. Pathetic? Stupid? Hmmm…
    Trying Not To Worry in Grand Rapids

  6. Dad says:

    Dear Trying:
    Don’t worry about a thing. It’s just Ben’s clever way of calling his parents “pathetic” and “stupid” in such a way as to get away with it. I’ve been out of school for a long time, but I think it’s called transference, or some such thing. Let him have his fun now, and maybe he won’t call you those names to your face as a teenager!

  7. Your Friend in Berkeley says:

    Ben just covets (although fleetingly, one hopes) what he hasn’t got — a stupid and/or pathetic friend/family member. He’s fine. But if it will make you feel any better, I’ll run it past my shrink later this week . . .

  8. dean says:

    I agree with what DAD (Andy) wrote. When they get older in teenage years the imaginary friends disappear and those names are spoken/yelled at to you. Well, we all know teenagers know more than adults/parents. Hopefully Ben will forget those names and use other, nicer names.

  9. Chris says:

    Sorry, but, is this a joke?

    The parents never thought to ask *why* Ben is choosing those names for an invisible friend?

    Maybe a better question is why Ben has an invisible friend in the first place. Is he really that lonely and distant from other people that he needs to make friends with his imagination?

  10. Rebecca says:

    Chris, are you some sort of Wacked Out Psychologist? Ben has tons of friends and imaginary friends don’t need to be analyzed. You obviously don’t know Ben.

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