Book Club Camping Trip

Sara’s book club gets together once a month to talk about everything except the book they had decided to read. This year they decided to include the rest of their families for a camping trip up in Manistee, MIchigan.

Most of us arrived early Friday evening and planned to stay until Sunday, but when the rain started coming down Saturday afternoon, we all decided to pack it up early after a quick dinner and head home for the comfort of warm, dry beds.

Here are a few pictures of the 26-hour, multi-family camping trip of 2007…

Steve grilled some mean burgers for us on Friday night:
Steve grilling

It was a delicious meal:
kids eating

girls at table

Vern with a burger

Afterwards, we all headed down to the beach to watch the sunset:
on the beach

mark and tash

Some of the kids got a little wet:
boys getting wet

feet in water

But Steve was the only one brave enough to go all the way in:
Steve swimming

The next morning we had breakfast:


And we warmed up at the fire:
warming up

In the afternoon, some of us played wiffle ball:
wiffle ball

at bat

Some of the time:
on base

The time was too short, but it was great while it lasted.

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