She Mix?

Sara and the kids took the bus downtown with me on my Friday morning commute, just for fun. The kids had a fun time riding in a moving vehicle without seatbelts, and Sara enjoyed meeting the few other regular commuters with whom I share the ride and shoot the breeze each weekday morning. All in all, it was a pleasant little trip for the family.

On the ride back home later that morning, Sara and the kids sat all the way in the back of the bus, where a young African-American man wearing baggy shorts and a hooded sweatshirt (in 90-degree weather) struck up a conversation with Sara, asking about the kids — How old are they? Where do they go to school? — the usual small talk. Then he nodded toward Lucy and asked, “She mix?” Sara paused, and then replied matter of factly, “No, she’s not mix.”

  *  *  *  *

Lucy is a martianWhen Sara recounted the story to me Friday night, I was shocked. Shocked! How could anyone possibly suspect Lucy of being “mix”? I mean, I thought we had taken every precaution not to let the general public in on our little secret. But somehow, this perceptive young man was able to peer beneath the human-like exodermis that we had developed for her and see what nobody else before him had ever recognized: Our daughter is a human-martian hybrid!

Now that the secret is out, I am mustering all the courage I have and announcing to the world our alien ancestry. If you hover your cursor over the photo of Lucy, you will see, perhaps for the first time, her “true colors.” Please, dear friends, don’t despise us just because we’re different. Look deep within your hearts, I beseech you, and find some compassion for the likes of us. If President Bush believes “that the human being and the fish can coexist,” then can’t interplanetary species just get along?

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