Sara’s Handwriting Revisited

Last December I wrote about turning Sara’s handwriting into a font for a little Christmas present. People loved the sample so much that, with Sara’s permission, I made the font available as a free download.

example of Sara's handwriting

However, it turns out that some people have had problems getting it onto their machines, so perhaps instructions are in order. Here are two links to the font, one au natural and one compressed into a zip file:

save target as

If you’re using Internet Explorer on a Windows PC, click the right mouse button on one of the files and choose Save Target As… I’d recommend trying the ttf file first, as you won’t have to “unzip” it after it’s downloaded.

save link as

If you’re using Firefox or Safari, click the right mouse button (or on a Mac, hold the Control while clicking) on one of the files and choose Save Link As…. Again, try the ttf file first.

Then, find the file on your hard drive where the web browser downloaded it, unzip it if it’s the zip file, and move it to the fonts folder (usually c:\windows\fonts on a Windows PC and [user name]/library/fonts on a Mac)

Finally, open a Word Processor or other program that allows you to choose a font and look through the font list for “Sara’s Handwriting.”

That’s it. Any questions? Any suggestions? Any problems? Let me know, and I’ll try to help out.

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2 Responses to Sara’s Handwriting Revisited

  1. StealthKD says:

    I downloaded the font when you originally posted it, and Mrs. Stealth and I use it when we want to evoke vitality combined with slight eccentricity. It is sad, however, that there hasn’t been a worldwide acceptance of the Sara font, since my Sara-ified documents and websites don’t show up properly on computers without the Sara file in the font folder. So my question: Karl, how do we start a movement to see this font at the ready in every redblooded American (and even Canadian) computer?

  2. Mr. Stealth, you raise an interesting question. The best way to gain a font widespread acceptance is to make sure that it’s bundled with a popular operating system. Unfortunately, the next version of Windows, “Vista,” already has its group of default fonts set.

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