Pop Art Toaster

A while ago I wrote about an egg poacher toaster, which I thought was pretty cool at the time. But now there’s a new toaster on the block, one that I think every toaster lover will want.

The Pop Art Toaster from Urban Outfitters (via FreshArrival) lets you customize your toast design. Just slip in a slice with one of the templates — a smiley face, a snowflake, a birthday cake — and your toast will be imprinted with

Or, if you’re more of a religious sort, you can get the lo-fi Virgin Mary toast embosser. Press the embosser on a piece of bread before toasting, and the Holy Mother’s visage will miraculously appear on the toast. I must say, the resemblance is much closer than the one in the grilled cheese sandwich that someone sold on eBay for $28,000.

pop art toaster
virgin mary toast embosser

For something completely unrelated, the folks at PopGadget have linked to the new Benjamin Moore Pocket Palette, a tiny spectrophotometer for immediate color matching. Just hold it up to a color, and it’ll tell you which Benjamin Moore paint color it matches.

pocket palette

How cool is that?

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3 Responses to Pop Art Toaster

  1. your wife says:

    now you’ve ruined the surprise! surely you were going to buy me one of those spectrophotometers….
    (i’m not joking).
    love your website, babe.

  2. Nicole says:

    Yo, karl…
    Would the toaster be a gift you wouldn’t send back if, say, a certain birdie were to grant this to you on your birthday or another gift-giving holiday, such as Arbor Day?? No, seriously…
    ps check out the off bway show my friend Erica (the Green Girl who sings Goldfinger) is in…
    the show is called SHOUT, the Mod Musical

  3. Karl says:

    Hmmm. It’s a nice thought, Nicole, but I think the novelty would wear off pretty fast. Besides, I already have a toaster.

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