Kids Make Art

Here we go again with the proud father routine. I can’t help being fascinated by the art that my kids create. It’s such a clear indicator of their development that I look in awe as their little drawings and paintings and sculptures become more mature and sophisticated as they get older. Somewhere along the way, they’ll probably stop creating visual art, just as 99 percent of current adults have done. But for now I’ll revel in these manifestations of their imaginations.

Lucia was particularly proud of this circle drawing when she completed it a few months ago:


Benjamin named this next drawing The Heart Machine, “because it’s a machine that makes hearts.”

heart machine

This one is more of an abstract piece, but I like the detail. Ben sometimes gets absorbed in the minutiae of his projects.

lots of dots

My friend’s 8-year-old son Earl drew this picture of George W. Bush. In case you can’t read the caption, it says, “See the Lier lier pants on fier Bush.”

lier lier pants on fire bush

Art like this deserves a wide audience, don’t you think?

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