Food and Wine and Parenthood

An article in the New York Times got me thinking about all of the food and wine websites I come across, even though I have little interest in either food or wine — other than, of course, the ingesting of them. Food and wine led me to parenthood, which completes the three-legged stool of familial bliss. So here it goes, a list of sites to whet your appetites:


  • Snacskby: “Snacksby is a different, easier kind of recipe site. You tell us what you’ve got in your fridge, in your pantry, or just what you’re looking to find in a recipe, even how much of each ingredient and wham!, we let you know what your options are.”
  • I Ate a Pie: “provides reviews of healthy ‘diet’ foods i.e. food products that are fat-free, low carb, reduced sugar, reduced calorie, and everything else marketed towards people trying to love a healthier lifestyle.”

And Wine

  • Cork’d: The hip new wine blog. Maybe not so new anymore, but still hip.
  • Wine Spectator’s 100 Most Exciting Wines of 2006: “In 2006, we reviewed nearly 13,500 wines from around the world in blind tastings. Nearly 3,000 of them earned outstanding ratings (90 points or higher on our 100-point scale). We then narrowed the list down based on four criteria: quality (represented by score); value (reflected by release price); availability (measured by case production or cases imported); and an X-factor we call excitement. But no equation determines the final selections: These choices reflect our editors’ judgment and enthusiasm about the wines we tasted.”

And Parenthood

  • The Blog: “MomAdvice is geared towards women that are looking for ways to stay organized, stay sane, and stay within their budget. MomAdvice creator, Amy Allen Clark, was searching for information on the internet on topics such as these, but could not find a site out there that catered to everything that she was looking for. Amy decided to pool her talents with her web designer husband and create a site that offered this information for mothers and also create a safe web community where mothers could chat. With this vision and her husband’s knack for design, MomAdvice was born.”
  • Lucky Mom: “I realize it’s a bit odd to say and at times I feel like an anomaly but I am not a stressed out, overworked, sleep-deprived, exhausted mommy … Always the stylish (I think), fast-paced, active and driven female, I quickly realized that being a mom, unshowered and in sweat pants (though admittedly somewhat stylish, again I think) more often than not, finally made sense.”
  • “Support for stay at-home dads, primary caregiving fathers, men and their families.”
  • Being Daddy: “Like being Mommy. Only hairier.” Sadly, this blog is no longer being updated, but it still has lots of fun stuff in the archives.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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3 Responses to Food and Wine and Parenthood

  1. Andrew DeBoer says:

    What /is/ the three-legged stool of familial bliss? I Googled “three-legged stool of familial bliss” and found many references to stools and stuff, but I’m at a loss. Besides parenthood, what are the other legs? A guy was here to fix our garage door and used the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life”, so I’m thinking that one of the other legs must relate to that.

  2. The other two legs are food and wine! And it’s no wonder you couldn’t find anything on google. I just made it up! :)

  3. Dennis says:

    Thanks a lot, Karl. I fear that Snacksby will be a serious impediment to my most important new year’s resolution . . .
    Oh, well. Happy 2007!

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