Clothes Encounters of the Carpetbagging Kind

Here’s one for the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that category: the Laundry Rug Bag, which sells at (via PopGadget) for only £14.95.

Laundry Rug Bag

Now we can throw our clothes on the floor and feel good about it. When you’re ready to do the laundry, you just grab the drawstrings that run around the perimeter of the rug, and it cinches up into a bag. Soon we’ll all be wondering how we ever got along without one.

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One Response to Clothes Encounters of the Carpetbagging Kind

  1. marcia dykstra says:

    Hi,Karl & Sara! what a blast seeing sara’s handwriting able to download!!!! It’s my old and new favorite! Now, please help me, I downloaded it and saved it to my file, but does this become something I can actually use in Word?
    By others comments it sounds like it is. How?
    Sorry, I’m a “computer second-grader”.
    Your Christmas letter wins our prize!!!
    love, marcia

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