Chord Book

Last year I wrote about a cool web-based tool called Chord Guide. Well, recently I stumbled upon an even cooler tool of the same ilk — this one called You can choose a base chord or any of its variations and then press the strum button to listen to the chord ring out on your computer. I would have loved this back when I played the guitar (for more information, read about my previous life as a musician).


You can also change the strum speed, save a sequence of chords and play them back, change the guitar’s tuning, and tweak a wide range of other settings. It tells you where to put your fingers and which strings to mute. The site looks like it could be helpful to any guitarist, from the beginner to the rock star. If you play the guitar, or want to learn, check out this site.

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2 Responses to Chord Book

  1. Dad says:

    I’ll pass on learning to play the guitar, but I did check out “My previous life in Music” and enjoyed one of the songs. I didn’t pick up on the phony British accent, by the way. Who did the guitar work, or was it both of you (the song was “….Don’t Ask”).

  2. Karl says:

    Glad you liked at least one of them. :) We both did some guitar work on the song, but the little interlude thing was just me.

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