Ben’s T & A Journey

On Monday Ben goes in for a little surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and a new set of ear tubes inserted. He’s excited about all of the popsicles and juice boxes he’ll be allowed to have afterwards, but I don’t think he’s quite understanding the pain that he’ll be experiencing. And I’m glad for that, since knowing will only compound the problem by adding a few days of emotional anguish in front of the week or more of physical suffering.

Your T&A Journey

Ben’s kind ENT doctor gave him a cartoonish book to help prepare him for the surgery. In the book, Doctor Lawrence and Benny’s sister Susie shrink to Lilliputian size, hop aboard a miniature spaceship, and fly into Benny’s mouth. Thus begins their T & A journey, full of exciting adventures through exotic locales such as The Tonsils! The Adenoids! The Eardrum!

The book is crammed with scintillating dialog, such as this exchange between Dr. Lawrence and Susie:

“Here we are. Can you see the fluid by Benny’s eardrum?”

“I see it, Doctor Lawrence. Wow!”

As the T & A journey draws to a close, Susie pushes the GROW button just in time, for Benny, though a little dizzy and nauseated, awakens from his “special kind of sleep” and greets all of his loved ones at his bedside.

But wait! Was it all just a dream? And whose journey was it, really? No, it couldn’t be real! Benny is just about to shrug it all off when, in a shocking narrative twist worthy of Law & Order, Dr. Lawrence hands Benny a — drumroll please — toy spaceship!

Oh, and by the way, hats off to the many consultants and contributors listed on the back cover who approved the title. It seems that while for many the T & A journey is a brief operation, for others it’s a lifelong process.

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7 Responses to Ben’s T & A Journey

  1. tammy says:

    hee hee hee!!!

  2. tammy says:

    but seriously, i do hope that ben’s surgery goes well, and that all the popsicles and juice boxes take his mind off the discomfort…..and hopefully THAT will be minimal. do you have a freezer full of his favorite treats?? keep us posted, ok? best healing wishes to the little sweetie.

  3. Ben's mom says:

    what ARE you talking about? What’s so funny? Must be a guy thing….

  4. Grandma Cynthia says:

    Love up that little guy before his surgery, please; tell him Gram and Grandpa adore him and wish him well.
    Given today’s developments from 60 years ago when I had my tonsils removed in the doctor’s office (under ether!) Ben should do fine. A little soreness relieved by all the Pospicles he can eat, and comforted by amsuing videos (we didn’t even have TV, may I remind all you 30-somthings), he’ll get through this with mostly good memories.
    But Mom and Dad may need a beer Monday night :-)

  5. Aunt Ginny says:

    We’ll be praying for you all on Monday- mostly for the parents! I’m glad Ben’s onboard with the idea and not fearful- what a blessing. What a great kid!

  6. Diane says:

    Thinking of you ALL!!

  7. Drew MacDougall says:

    We passed this post on to Marta’s brother who happens to be an ENT surgeon. He was inspired to look for his copy of T&A. According to Mark, ear tube surgery is among the most routine and easiest ways for ENTs to make money. Glad to hear Ben made it through the surgery sucessfully.

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